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It’s Important to Prepare for a Difficult Conversation

April 25, 2017

You’ve determined you need to broach a difficult subject with a coworker, or your team, or your boss. You may be feeling nervous, stressed, angry, or upset. Taking the time to properly prepare mentally will help you remain calm, and increase the chances that the conversation will be productive.

  • Think about logistics. Where will you meet? When? How will you frame the problem? What will you say first?
  • Check your mindset. Try thinking of the meeting as a regular conversation, and frame it in a positive way.
  • See the situation from your counterpart’s perspective. There’s a reason for the behavior that has prompted you to schedule a conversation. What might it be? Imagine you are him or her.
  • Vent. Lay it all out to a trusted friend/colleague/advisor, someone who has a calming presence, can ask helpful questions, and maintain confidentiality.


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