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Mission & Vision


UMD Continuing Education is a provider of high quality learning solutions.  We use a collaborative approach to develop innovative, relevant programs that address the learning and development needs of professionals, organizations, and the community.



UMD Continuing Education is a provider of choice for professional development programs. Our reputation is built on our commitment to offering learning experiences that meet the talent development needs of the individuals and organizations we serve.





Developing and nurturing long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with those we serve is a driving value of our team. We believe that people and organizations have a life-long need for personal and professional development, and that CE will invest time and energy in developing learning partnerships that serve the continuing education needs of its community.

Meaningful Outcomes

CE views itself as a provider of learning solutions, and not just learning products. We care about the outcomes of our learning programs. It is important to us that those who experience our programs find them to be meaningful, relevant and helpful in achieving their learning objectives.


We view our clients as collaborators in the design and delivery of our programs. We are responsive and believe in listening to our clients. We seek input and feedback at every stage of the program design and delivery and offer programs that are customized to meet our clients’ needs.

Ethical Conduct

 We hold ourselves to the highest standards of professional conduct in everything we do. We treat others with respect, deliver on our promises, and are fair and open in our dealings.


Our Philosophy:

UMD Continuing Education’s Program Development team is committed to following the art and science of facilitating adult learning, based on the philosophy of Malcolm Knowles.  We design and develop programs based on the qualities of adult learners:

  1. Adults need to know the reason for learning something.
  2. Adults learn best through experience, including trial and error.
  3. Adults need to be responsible for their decisions on education (self-concept); involvement in the planning and evaluation of their instruction.
  4. Adults are most interested in learning subjects having immediate relevance to their work and/or personal lives (readiness).
  5. Adult learning is problem-centered (orientation) rather than content-oriented.
  6. Adults respond better to their internal motivation versus external motivators.


UMD Continuing Education understands that adult learners value taking part in the learning process and applying learning to their real world careers and personal interests. When UMD Continuing Education develops training, we seek opportunities to integrate a variety of activities that will engage the adult learner and reinforce their learning.


Why UMD?

Benefits of UMD Continuing Education Professional Development

  • Numerous content expert resources at, or affiliated with, UMD (i.e., leaders in business, psychology, engineering, communications, and assessment).
  • Staff who have “real world” experience working for large and small organizations in a wide range of capacities (leadership, strategic planning, financial management, training, quality assurance, sales/customer service, etc.).
  • Local offices convenient for ongoing partnership.
  • Expert programming team that understands adult learners and how to develop programming specific to individuals’ learning and comprehension styles (face-to-face, online and hybrid delivery methods).
  • Capacity to provide a full training solution to control overall training quality and be proactive with program modifications.
  • Opportunities to build campus relationships that can facilitate college-to-career transitions.


UMD Continuing Education:

Excellence in professional development and individual learning.

Collaboration. Customization. Results.


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