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Business Communication Certificate

Effective communication skills are necessary for a successful career. Many employers rank spoken and written communication as top skills they look for in job applicants – even ranking them more important than technical or job-specific skills. Our Business Communication Certificate program is designed to help you become the best communicator you can be. You will learn to produce clear, concise, and powerfully written messages that advance your ideas, build consensus, and resolve conflict; you will develop techniques to deliver an engaging presentation, improve your listening skills, and handle difficult conversations.


Effective communicators:

  • Connect with others intellectually and emotionally
  • Give and take in a reciprocal manner
  • Show genuine interest in others and use humor and authenticity to make themselves likable and nonthreatening
  • Are focused and organized
  • Clarify and simplify complex concepts without being condescending
  • Reinforce key points through storytelling, context, and repetition
  • Practice, practice, practice


This five-course program builds your skills and confidence in spoken and written communication so you convey professionalism with your words and actions. Throughout this program you will have ample opportunity to polish your abilities and talents.

Courses are listed in recommended sequence; however, you may take them in any order. There are no pre-requisites. All of the courses will be offered twice per year. You have two years from the date of your first class to complete the certificate.


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Business Communication Courses (30 contact hours)


Who should attend: Professionals who wish to grow their careers. All organizations, regardless of size or industry, need effective communicators.


Videos from our facilitators:

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YouTube-social-square_red_24px Jerritt Johnston: What Can Participants Expect in One of Your Classes?


Customized training: Courses can be tailored to meet your needs and brought on site to your location. Visit customized training or call 218/726-6819 for more information.

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