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November 21, 2017

Effective work teams result in positive outcomes for any organization. How well does your team work together? Take this quiz to find out, and to see recommended resources to help strengthen your team. Learn about Team Effectiveness Assessment  Learn more More…

November 14, 2017

Susan Colantuno, founder and CEO of a management consulting firm, believes that if women want to advance in their careers, they must build their business acumen and strategic thinking skills. In this video, she shares strategies for making this happen. More…

November 7, 2017

Are profit and cash the same? If you’re not sure, you’re not alone. In one study, 57% of managers didn’t know the difference between the two, and 62% thought discounts offered by sales reps had no impact on gross margin. More…

October 31, 2017

Nationally renowned speaker Dananjaya Hettiarachchi warns against touching the podium during a presentation. The minute we touch the podium, he says, we find ourselves leaning on it, adjusting it, and making other movements that disconnect the audience from our message. More…

October 24, 2017

Often when we’re speaking to a group, we’re trying to convince them to change their mind or take action. If you’ve ever tried to change someone else, you know this can be a real challenge. The most effective speakers know More…

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